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Home Study: Applying Frameworks of Oppression and Liberation Within Counseling 

03-02-2021 11:16

**Previously Recorded on 2/24/2021 - Not a Live Event**

Applying Frameworks of Oppression and Liberation Within Counseling

This webinar will provide a summary of frameworks of oppression and liberation followed by a panel discussion applying these concepts within counseling. Prilleltensky’s (2003) framework for understanding, resisting, and overcoming oppression will be featured along with other liberatory and healing practices. In contrast to many deficit models of understanding oppression, the frameworks presenting and applied in this session emphasize holistic and wellness perspectives which are congruent with the values of the counseling profession. The panelists will share their perspectives on oppression and liberation and experiences with addressing these topics within counseling.

1) Participants will learn about Prilleltensky’s (2003) framework for understanding, resisting and overcoming oppression.
2) Participants will understand how frameworks which include both experiences of oppression and liberation as pathways to healing, are congruent with counseling values.
3) Participants will gain knowledge of how oppression and liberation frameworks can be applied within counseling.

About the Presenters:

Presenter & Moderator: Dominique Avery, PhD, NCC, LPC (ID), LMHC (WA) is core faculty in the Counseling Department at Saybrook University. She teaches at both the Masters and PhD levels through a liberatory lens. Dominique has conducted over 30 national and regional presentations including topics in White counselor anti-racist accountability, crisis and trauma education, licensure portability, and mixed methods research. Dominique is a current a board member of the Washington Mental Health Counselor Association and is active on many DEI and Anti-racism committees and taskforces. Dominique Avery is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with experience in EMDR counseling with adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and play-based therapy with refugee children and their. Prior to becoming a counselor, Dominique spent a decade working with children and adolescents in shelter home settings, wilderness therapy in the deserts of Idaho, and forest schools in the woodlands of England.

Panelist: Aja Burks, Ph. D., LMSW, the owner of Transformative Mind Counseling LLC., recently defended her dissertation entitled, A longitudinal exploration of the perception of ruptures and repairs in cross-racial supervision. She also received her master’s degree in clinical social work from Michigan State University. In her group practice, she strives to make the lives better for women and men with anxiety, depression and those who have experienced childhood trauma. Aja has been a featured panelist at numerous conferences and workshops on the topic of mental health and trauma in the African American community. Aja’s research interests include: anti-racism pedagogy and practices in counseling education and supervision, race based stress and trauma impact on client care, and culturally responsive and inclusive supervision. Aja's passion is purely in teaching, research and creating a space to have dialog on race and cultural issues, in counseling and on campuses.

Panelist: Jen Moore (they/them) is a counselor, educator, and consultant based in Boise, Idaho. Jen has their own private mental health practice based on processes that support social justice, equity, and advocacy and is currently pursuing their PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision from Saybrook University. Jen has served as Secretary and President of the Idaho Association for LGBT Issues in Counseling and served as Past President of Boise State University's local chapter of Counselors for Social Justice. When not overthinking things and getting overwhelmed/excited about all the things they don’t know yet, Jen likes to listen to music, watch college basketball (Go Boilers!), try to cook their veggies before they (the veggies, not Jen) all spoil, and lovingly tease their roommate about being addicted to all things cat. Jen is looking forward to their next set of travels, wherever and whenever those might be.

Panelist: Gabrielle Davis (she/her) is a respiratory therapist and counselor in Idaho. Outside of the health/ mental health care field, Gabby is an adjunct professor at a local university and is the facilitator for Youth Alliance for Diversity, a LGBTQIA+ youth group in Boise where she gets to be constantly reminded why kids are better than adults. In her free time, Gabby enjoys reminding people that Black, Queer and Trans Lives are included when saying 'Black Lives Matter', dispelling myths about the definition of allyship, encouraging folks to say I don't know instead of pretending to know and bringing awareness to the fact that nicotine is one of the most addictive substances. Gabrielle lives in Boise with her wife and enjoys being a professional troublemaker whenever her time allows.

Panelist: Mary Roberts, MA, LMHC, BC-TMH (She/Her) is Teaching Faculty at Antioch University Seattle in the Counseling Programs department. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Washington State and a Board Certified Telemental Health Provider. In addition to teaching, Mary has a small clinical supervision practice to support Professional Counseling graduates in further developing their professional counseling identity. Research interests include dismantling systems of oppression through White counselor accountability practices, the role of stigma in perpetuating oppression among counselors and counselor educators, and the use of technology to promote a more just pathway to counseling and supervision services.

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