AMHCA Chapter Report

Please have a representative from your chapter complete the form below or download the report to fill out and email back to us. If you have any questions or problems please email or call @Whitney Meyerhoeffer or 703-548-6002 x104.​​​

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To foster good communication between state chapters and AMHCA for activities the chapters undertake during the year. Charter review for each state will be based upon documentation received from the state by June 1 of each year.


Why Annual Reports are Critical

  • AMHCA must be accountable to its entire membership for the functioning of its chartered entities;
  • It helps determine areas where chapters may need additional support or resources; and
  • It facilitates continuity by providing the administrative office with up to date, accurate information on the status of its state chapters.


State presidents are responsible for compiling the report and submitting it to their regional director. The report should address the charter review standards in enough detail so that the regional director can determine whether standards are being met. The report should follow the suggested outline for the annual report. If a particular standard is not met, an explanation should be provided, as well as the chapter’s plans to meet that standard next year. AMHCA staff will provide state chapters with forms for the reports, and send reminders to the state presidents.

Regional directors will review state chapters’ performance and make recommendations to AMHCA’s board of directors regarding charter affirmation, probationary charter status or revocation of the charter. The region director will notify each state chapter president about the board of director’s decision on the charter and issue charters accordingly.


The annual deadline for state chapter reports to be submitted is May 31 each year.


The requirements to maintain state chapter status are outlined in the existing policies and bylaws.



  1. Online survey and link to form form will be sent out by regional directors and followed up with monthly reminders
  2. AMHCA-National to host a webinar 1 month before state chapter reports are due to walk folks through it.
  3. AMHCA includes training as part of leadership academy.
  4. The form can be submitted one of two ways:
      1. Electronic survey/form
      2. Download the form and email to the regional director along with cc’ing 


  1. Automatic reissue charters on July 1, 2020 with new policy.  Create big launch at leadership academic and/or digital methods.
  2. Give 1 year probation for missed state chapter reports in 2020-2021 cycle.
  3. Starting with 2021-2022 cycle, charters revoked for not meeting charter standards or submitting chapter report.


State chapters can appeal the board of directors’ decision by submitting, in writing, the reasons for the appeal and supporting documentation to the regional director. The regional director will work with each state chapter to remove the probationary status or revocation. When the chapter comes into compliance with the charter review process, the regional director will request charter affirmation at the next board of directors meeting.

Charter Review Standards

From AMHCA Policy Manual, Updated June 2020
The following standards reflect the sound organization and development necessary for an AMHCA state chapter to obtain its charter annually.


Standard 1

The state chapter has at least 4 current AMHCA members including all elected officers as required by AMHCA bylaws.


Standard 2

The state chapter submits an annual report, due June 1, following the content outline format.


Standard 3

The state chapter carries out at least two activities during the service year (beginning July 1) in each of the following areas:

  • Service to Consumers.
    Examples include:
    • Publishing a state directory of mental health counselors;
    • Providing community education programs on parenting, assertiveness or communication skills.


  • Service to the Profession.
    Examples include:
    • Continuing education and professional development seminars, and workshops for counselors and other mental health professionals;
    • Programs at annual state, regional and national counselor conventions;
    • Activities such as support of counselor licensure and certification at state and national levels.


  • Service to AMHCA.
    Examples includes:
    • State chapter membership gains of at least 5%;
    • Leadership training for state officers;
    • Attendance at regional and national AMHCA conferences;
    • Participation on AMHCA committees and special task forces;


Standard 4

At least one representative (preferably a state chapter officer) attends:

  • National AMHCA leadership training;
  • National AMHCA annual conference;