Start a New AMHCA Chapter

Let's capitalize on our capabilities to create new networks and communities that benefit the profession of mental health counseling and those we serve.

We believe that AMHCA can be an asset to your chapter association and vice versa. It's all about investing in each other's success. We believe that our mutual success comes through the experience we create for each other, and must be based on trust.

We at AMHCA hope to accomplish what chapter leaders also seek: member engagement, richer diversity, a powerful voice in the community on mental health issues, and future leaders of the profession.

What are the benefits of establishing an AMHCA-affiliated state chapter?

Chapters are subgroups of our association that represent a particular state, district or territory. 


Chapters fulfill the need for connection, professional development and networking.

AMHCA affiliated chapters benefit by having leaders of their organization connected to a network of other state chapters to share resources, best-practices, and replicate successful projects. 

Each affiliated chapter has a regional director they are linked to for AMHCA-National support.


Co-sponsor continuing education events.
Advertise events on AMHCA-National website and other communications.


At the national, state and local levels, our association collaborates with like-minded organizations. 


Sometimes the national office is able to share resources to reduce costs and jointly market products and services. For example, AMHCA chapters can:

  • Be connected to national office resources such as community discussion board through AMHCA website, and microsites, among others
  • Receive consultation for nonprofit management, membership, advocacy, policy creation, and communications, among other, to aid in chapter administration
  • Receive rights to use the AMHCA logo and national name recognition

    AMHCA Chapters - What they do

    Annual Leadership Forum - importance of networking

    Regional Directors

    Resource: Should I Start a Non-Profit? - by Joan Garry of the Non-Profit Leadership Lab

    State Chapters and Organizational Affiliates

    (AMHCA Bylaws, Article IV, Revised June 2020)

    Organization of State Chapters

    Any group of association members residing or working within a particular state may apply for an AMHCA state chapter charter, providing the following conditions are met:

    1. The group must consist of at least 4 interested members who work or reside in the same state.
    2. The group must be representative of the AMHCA members in the state and adhere to the mission and vision of AMHCA.
    3. The purposes of the state chapter shall be in accord with those of the AMHCA.
    4. The state chapter shall organize in strict accordance with the bylaws of the AMHCA.
    5. State chapter bylaws shall be consistent with the AMHCA bylaws.
    6. All Board of Directors of the state chapter shall be members in good standing of the AMHCA.
    7. Charters are awarded to the state chapter solely by the AMHCA Board of Directors.
    8. State chapters must adopt the Charter Agreement provided by the AMHCA Board of Directors and abide by all the terms of the Charter.
    9. The state chapter shall be free to conduct its affairs at the state level in compliance with the bylaws of the AMHCA.
    10. A state chapter may adopt its own name but in governing instruments, letterhead, and similar written materials must identify itself as “A State Chapter of the American Mental Health Counselors Association.”
    11. No state chapter shall take actions or incur liabilities on behalf of the AMHCA unless specifically authorized to do so in the AMHCA bylaws or by resolution of the AMHCA board of directors.
    12. No state chapter shall hold itself out as the agent of the AMHCA unless such agency has been duly authorized by the board of directors in writing.
    13. All AMHCA members in newly chartered states will automatically become state chapter members for one year.
    14. All chapters must be identified in their Articles of Incorporation as a chapter of the AMHCA.


    1. Each state chapter shall submit to the national office a current roster of its officers, and Board of Directors, where applicable, within thirty (30) days of their election or appointment. The national office shall send copies of these rosters to the appropriate regional director.
    2. Each state chapter shall submit written reports to the national office on a schedule to be determined by policy. The national office shall send copies of these reports to the appropriate regional director. The regional directors should receive the reports and also copy in the regional director.
    Charter Renewal Standards

    1. Standards for annual charter renewal reflect the sound organization and development necessary for a state chapter of the AMHCA.
    2. Region Directors will make recommendations to the board of directors concerning charter status for each state chapter in their region.
    3. Standards and procedures for annual charter renewal, failure to renew, or denial of renewal are outlined by policy.

    Organizational Affiliates

    1. The association may include one (1) or more organizational affiliates duly incorporated under the laws of a state or the District of Columbia, which are not qualified to become a chapter of the association.
    2. The purpose and activities of an organizational affiliate shall be generally in accord with, or supportive of, the bylaws of the association.
    3. The board of directors of the AMHCA shall have the power to grant and revoke charters for state chapters pursuant to standing rules adopted for that purpose.
    4. An organizational affiliate shall be free to conduct its affairs but shall do so in compliance with the bylaws of the AMHCA. No organizational affiliate shall be competitive with the AMHCA or its chapters for individual memberships or otherwise during the time it is an organizational affiliate.
    5. An organizational affiliate may adopt its own name but in governing instruments, letterhead, and similar written materials shall identify itself as “An Organizational Affiliate of the American Mental Health Counselors Association.”

    Withdrawal from State Chapter Status and Disband as a State Chapter

    1. A state chapter may terminate its relationship with the AMHCA with a minimum two thirds vote of the state chapter’s membership.
    2. Notice must be made to the AMHCA Board at least 90 days before the vote to cease operations as an AMHCA chapter is taken.
    3. All state chapter resources must be accounted for at least 90 days before any vote is taken.
    4. All state and federal laws dictating the dissolution of a non-profit chapter to a national organization relationship must be adhered to.
    5. Any and all outstanding liabilities that result from a vote to separate and disband remain the responsibility of the state chapter and must be resolved before termination may be completed.
    6. Any remaining financial resources of the state chapter shall be relinquished to the national organization upon termination