Steps to New Chapter

Establishing a Point Person

The person interested in establishing a state chapter will serve as the state coordinator. The state coordinator is expected to fulfill the duties outlined under "State Coordinator Responsibilities".

The state coordinator must then contact the AMHCA regional director for that state to alert him or her about the state’s desire to establish or reactivate the charter. The regional director will assist the state coordinator with identifying prospective members by obtaining a list of AMHCA members in the state. The state coordinator will follow the steps outlined for organizing a state chapter. 

The procedures for reactivating a state charter are the same as those above. The AMHCA office, however, can assist the state coordinator by furnishing copies of any records that may be housed in the central office, and may provide additional help in the re-chartering process.

Steps to Starting a Non-Profit Organization
External Resource:
National Council of Nonprofits: How to start a non-profit

  1. Choose a business name that meets the requirements of state law.
  2. File formal paperwork with your state, usually called articles of incorporation, and pay a small filing fee.
  3. Apply for your federal and state tax exemptions.
  4. Create corporate bylaws, which set out the operating rules for your nonprofit corporation.
  5. Appoint the directors. (In some states you must choose your initial directors before you file your articles, because you must list their names in the document.)
  6. Hold the first meeting of the board of directors.
  7. Obtain any licenses and permits that may be required for your corporation.

Read why the South Carolina chapter changed their name.
How to create a logo. (Maybe this could be something AMHCA would be willing to assist with directly or even purchase for the chapter to provide consistency in logo usage).

Establishing Articles of incorporation, Liability Insurance and 

More Paperwork
Non-profit status
tax preparation/money management (related to 501c3 or 501c6) 
I would not overwhelm a new chapter with 501c3 paperwork initially.  It is lengthy, usually involves an attorney, and isn't a necessity (in my opinion) when first starting up.  Once the chapter is up and stable for a period of time, this would be something to try and tackle.

First step is to determine whether you will pursue a 501(c)3 or 501(c)6 status.  Both have advantages and disadvantages.  Your state will have the forms and there are usually directions on the application page.  From what I can remember, you will need a bank account, an address, a board of directors and treasurer who are willing to sign off on the documents (and take the risks).  All this can usually be found on the secretary of state's page.

Create Bylaws
AMHCA Bylaws as a guide
How to write bylaws

Appoint directors
and find volunteers for boards

Hold a meeting

Obtain any licenses or permits

Becoming and ACEP provider?
A template on becoming an ACEP provider would be easy and help the chapter gain momentum quickly, as they could possibly start to approve CEs for themselves and other professionals holding trainings in their state.  

Attend AMHCA Leadership Training at our Annual Conference
At our annual leadership training you will get to network with other chapter leaders, get a ton of new ideas and find passion in what having a chapter is all about!