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Interested in a joint membership promotion? AMHCA will discount our portion of unified dues so the member gets savings and the Chapter gets their full portion. Contact our Director of Membership, Melissa McShepard, if interested at

The Value of Membership

What is your value proposition?  What do you offer that cannot be obtained from any other organization, association or company? Understand your value before you start selling.

What does your chapter offer that is essential, that members will maintain their dues even if they are in transition or facing financial hardship or belong to another association?

Identify most compelling reasons to join so that it is essential to join your chapter.

Professional development is the primary driver of membership with key benefits.

Folks – no matter where they are – need to stay up-to-date, earn CEs and network with peers.

Truly understanding the value of your benefits, the next best alternative, and the needs of the marketplace will help us remain nimble and capable of adjusting to technology innovations and changes in the marketplace.


To help get their name out there, a guide for putting on trainings with CEs.  

To make money I would encourage information about conference and possibly fundraisers in there.  

Engage students!  If there is a college in the area that gets professionals a degree in the mental health field to reach out to the professors to help get students involved.  The chapter can have student members on the board, talk to the teachers about students coming to a board meeting as extra credit, etc.
Create a Facebook page and LinkedIn.   A great way to spread the word about the new chapter, along with advertising what the chapter is doing. 
How to increase membership...effective ways to throw networking events. 

How to create a newsletter.

How to build and maintain a website.


Helpful tips for membership retention and addition.

Also finding someone passionate about legislative issues is almost as important as the officers of the chapter.  


When and how to hire an do you know the time is right to do it.




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State Chapters and Technology Covers how AMHCA uses our website, email marketing and social media to keep members informed and engaged. Learn how a chapter can utilize the same tools.

Presented at the 2015 AMHCA Chapter Leadership Forum
By Whitney Meyerhoeffer

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Roles of an Executive Director
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