AMHCA Executive Director

Position Description
AMHCA Executive Director

Reporting to the AMHCA Board of Directors, the ED is responsible for efficiently and effectively running the day-to-day operations of the Association, its fiscal health, and achieves the mission and vision set by the Board of Directors. The ED provides overall guidance, leadership and management of AMHCA’s operations and supports its elected volunteer leadership.  The ability to build and sustain collaborative internal and external relationships, as well as ensuring program and goal achievement, are critical to success in the position. The ED manages four full time staff in the functional areas of membership/finance, communications/public relations and state chapter relations, professional development/events, and program coordination.  In addition, the ED manages -- through staff -- contract positions in support of editorial functions.  At a time of heightened focus on national mental health care and health care reform priorities, AMHCA’s ED will be able and prepared to take the initiative to interface with all appropriate parties and organizations in the promotion and protection of clinical mental health counseling, those who provide services and those who need care.

This is a half-time position with performance incentives.

The executive director is an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors and ex-officio member of all AMHCA committees and task forces.

Principal Responsibilities
  • Advise and support the Board of Directors in the development and pursuit of strategic goals and objectives, ensuring that the volunteer leadership is fully informed regarding the operations of the organization and all the factors and issues that may affect it and its membership.

  • Be knowledgeable on health care and mental health policy at the Federal and state level as it affects the interests of clinical mental health counselors and those they serve, actively communicating with the Board on this issue and able to recommend and undertake initiatives as appropriate.

  • Identify potential strategic partnerships and collaborative relationships that will raise the profile and protect/promote the interests of AMHCA and its members.

  • Promote and ensure a fully functioning Board process, suggesting and implementing improvements in Board governance.

  • Provide vision, strategic direction and guidance on membership recruitment and retention, including creating new programs to enhance member value proposition as it relates to the Association’s strategic goals.

  • Secure public and private sector fundraising through grants and donations, and other non-dues revenue sources.'

  • Assume primary responsibility for budgeting and financial management of all AMHCA operations and its fiscal stability and sustainability.

  • Work closely with volunteers and consultants ensuring that meeting program development and event planning activities are on schedule and on budget with close attention to enhancing the quality of AMHCA meetings experience for all participants and increasing attendance levels.

  • Direct and oversee AMHCA operations and programs, promoting and ensuring staff quality, engagement and morale.

  • Ensure AMHCA is as current technologically as circumstances and its needs allow, in particular in the areas of social networking and AMS capabilities.

Additional Functions of the AMHCA ED/CEO include:

  • Making personnel recommendations to the board of directors;
  • Maintaining frequent contact with state chapters and facilitating communication between and among states;
  • Maintaining liaison with several counseling associations;
  • Facilitating and maintaining an appropriate flow of information between and amongst board members, committee chairs, and other volunteer leaders;
  • Developing non-dues revenue sources;
  • Assisting in the development and implementation of an effective government relations program to represent the interests of the association membership to Congress and government agencies (see lobbyist below);
  • Overseeing the updating and revising of AMHCA's Policy and Procedure Manual.