Much of the association work is carried out by committees.
The role of AMHCA committee members is to implement the AMHCA strategic plan. 
Each committee develops a plan of action according to the strategic plan and submits it to the board for approval at the annual meeting.

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Advancement for Clinical Practice Committee
The primary functions of the committee are to:

  1. Identify clinical professional issues to enhance the skills and expertise of AMHCA members through webinars, white papers, emerging clinical practice briefs and other communications.
  2. Identify continuing education workshops and networking opportunities.
  3. Promote a sense of professional identity among members and the community at large
  4. Enhance the organization’s involvement with members and provide members with opportunities to give and receive professional development through continuing education, networking, and community development

One of the most serious tasks of AMHCA’s Advancement for Clinical Practice Committee (ACPC) is to update and revise the AMHCA Standards for the Practice of Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

AMHCA Foundation

Annual Conference Committee

The primary roles of the committee are to:

  • Liaise with AMHCA Committees and key entities to develop “hot topics” that need to appear on the Annual Conference program and that reflect the strategic goals and mission of the organization.
  • Promote and solicit participation in the Call for Papers from all areas and levels of AMHCA membership.
  • Review all Call for Papers submissions to determine the Annual Conference program.
  • Boost Conference attendance of AMHCA members from all organizational disciplines and levels.
  • Assist AMHCA staff with efforts to grow and enhance value of the Annual Conference and participation.

Communications Committee

Council of Committees
To provide an avenue for cross collaboration and functionality of all committees for the improved operation and advancement of the organization. Chairs of all committees shall sit on this council to advise and recommend to the board of directors’ ways to improve efficiency and productivity of the organization. The council will work to have events, webinars, trainings etc. that represent a combined effort and collaboration of multiple committees.

Credentialing Committee

  1. To promote excellence at all phases of the career of a clinical mental health counselor.
  2. To promote and recognize excellence at all phases of the career of a clinical mental health counselor training and specialization by establishing relevant and contemporary standards for the AMHCA Diplomate, AMHCA Fellow and AMHCA Specialist, as well as forthcoming credentials approved by the AMHCA Board of Directors.
  3. To assess the applications and qualifications of Clinical Mental Health Counselors who apply for a credential.
  4. To assure that each candidate recommended to the AMHCA Board of Directors for credential status meets the requirements in post-graduate professional development, advanced clinical practice, ethical conduct, contributions to the profession, and (if applicable) demonstrates excellence in practice in the designated clinical specialty area.

Ethics Committee
The Ethics Committee functions in an educative and consultive capacity. It is responsible for educating the membership about AMHCA’s ethical standards. The committee periodically reviews and recommends changes in the ethical standards of AMHCA. It receives and processes inquiries regarding ethical standards. 

Graduate Student and Emerging Professionals Committee
The mission of the AMHCA Graduate Student and Emerging Professionals Committee is to enhance the professional identity of graduate students and recently graduated counselors through advocacy, specialized training, licensure guidance, and collaboration with clinical mental health counselors and the governing body of AMHCA.

Membership Committee
Identify the needs of members and recommend the development of services to meet those needs, enhance member benefits & be responsible for the oversight of membership recruitment and retention activities for the association.

Multicultural and Social Justice Committee
To demonstrate value and worth in all humans, create as well as cultivate safe spaces for authentic multicultural voices and skill development, empower for social advocacy and social justice in clinical counseling services with humility, promote opportunities for self-awareness and professional growth for the inclusion of cultural competencies to include humility and proficiency in scope of practice.

Public Awareness Committee
The Public Awareness Committee will seek to heighten the visibility, viability, and functioning of clinical mental health counselors and AMHCA before the public, within the health care and mental health fields, and in the corporate and policymaking arenas. The Committee will serve as the driving force and resource of AMHCA for promoting the awareness of clinical mental health counselors as a critically important primary provider of cost-effective approaches.

Public Policy and Legislative Committee
The Public Policy and Legislative Committee provides oversight for all matters of AMHCA that relate to government, particularly at the federal level. The committee sets priorities on handling issues that uniquely affects AMHCA and recommends broad policy direction to the AMHCA Board.

State Chapter Relations Committee
The mission of the AMHCA State Chapter Relations Committee shall be to encourage and facilitate communications between AMHCA and the affiliated Chapters by assessing the needs of members and chapters, fostering communication, developing programs and projects in which the national office of AMHCA and its affiliated chapters work together and assessing Chapters and their programs.

    Strategic Planning Committee

    Task Forces


    Neuroscience Taskforce

    Counseling Compact Taskforce